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My Portfolio
21in1 1d 10d 3m 1y All
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Blue Chips
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Indexes & ETFs
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Insiders Trading
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CBS MarketWatch | Fox | Reuters | CNNfn | NY | Bloomberg | Fortune | USAToday

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Silicon Investor

CNet Investors Datamine (Tech Compilation)


Microsoft Money Central: Top Rated Stocks, CorpOwnership, Upgrades, Downgrades, Init Recom, Strategy Labs Notes, Hot/Not (w), Earning Surprises (w), Insider Trading (m)

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Economist (Finance)

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Quicken bluechipValue buffet foolish8 (V Good) - includes intraday

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Exchange-traded Funds (ETF) & Indexes

 Introduction & Publications

ETF @ Wikipedia
ETF pdf Guide, Guide to Exchange Traded Funds
Yahoo: AR, FAQ
SmartMoney: Map, Compare
Pub: 10 New ETF Trends for 2007
Pub: Fed rates vs Bonds ETF (TLT, IEF, SHY)
Pub: Dividend ETFs take different routes to provide income

VIX (S&P) @ Wikipedia
VIX @ CBOE, FAQ, Maths
VIX ‘anxiety’ levels (5-10, 10-15, ... 65+)
Getting a VIX on Market Direction

VIX Chart



VXN Chart

 ETF/Index Selection

VNQ 5.6% KBE 5.1% LQD 4.8% EWA 4.6% AGG* 4.4% CVY 4.4%
TLT* 4.1% EPP 4% XLB* 4.2% EPP 4% RWR* 3.8% SDY* 3.7%
PEY 3.7% XLU* 3.7% SHY* 3.6% ICF 3.6% PID 3.5% IEF* 3.4%
PHJ 3.1% PRFF 3% XLF* 3% KIE 3% DVY* 2.9% VPU 2.9%
FDL 2.8% VGK 2.6% PFM 2.5% IYF 2.4% FVD 2.1% OEF 2%
VIG 1.8% VYM 1.3%       Quote, Div%

MSN Complete list of ETFs (pdf), Trending123TA

ETF Screeners: SmartMoney, MarketWatch, MorningStar, Lipper, iShares, AMEX

ETF Research: ETFConnect, SSGARPT, SmartMoney, MarketWatch, MorningStar, WSJ, ProfitSPI, Lipper, Trending123TA AmericanBullsTA-C, Yahoo, MSN, InvesterTechTA, Bloomberg, Stocktickr, Google, Chron, ClearStationTA, SPDR, ETFDigest, Investopedia, TradeSignals, Marketocracy, InvestExpressLK | Powershares, Vanguard | MSN TopETFs

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MSN | Stars: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Dividend Detective

Dividend Next Payment Date Estimate

DividendValue (Analysis): XLS tools, PDF Rpts, Why Dividends? | Links | About

S&P's 2009 Dividend Aristocrats: Spreadsheet | 20 Top 10 Dividends Growth Stocks

Master Limited Partnership blog

Wallstreetnewsnetwork (Free bi-weekly Div listings)




Discount Brokers

Broker Reviews: Forbes, AOL, Smartmoney, JDPower

Ratings on "List of Online Brokers Reviews"


Broker Reviews

Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds: Wikipedia | Brief History | Magnum

AlphaSimplex Research (Andrew Lo)

Hedge Funds Hunt For Upside, Regardless Of The Market

Hedge Funds: Higher Returns Or Just High Fees?

Massive Hedge Fund Failures

Tough Minded Investment Manager Analysis Great Articles


  Hedge Fund Performance: CS|Tremont

Strategies (Styles)

1. Global macro: Discretionary macro, Systematic macro (Commodity Trading Advisors, Systematic diversified, Systematic currency, Trend following, Non-trend following), Multi-strategy

2. Directional: Long/short equity, Emerging markets, Sector funds, Fundamental growth, Fundamental value , Quantitative Directional, Short bias, Multi-strategy,

3. Event-driven: Distressed securities, Merger arbitrage, Special situations, Multi-strategy, Credit arbitrage, Regulation D, Activist, Dividends

4. Relative value: Fixed income arbitrage, Equity market neutral, Convertible arbitrage, Fixed income corporate, Asset-backed securities , Credit long / short, Statistical arbitrage, Volatility arbitrage, Yield alternatives, Multi-strategy, Regulatory arbitrage

5. Miscellaneous: Fund of hedge funds, Fund of fund of hedge funds, Multi-strategy, Multi-manager, 130-30 funds, Long-only absolute return funds

Mathematically-driven investment managers: James Harris Simons, Robert Fernholz | US5819238, Wilmott

Patents relating to Active Portfolio Management Methods and Systems (download all):

Patent No. Assignee / Inventor Title of Patent
US7624060 Morgan Stanley Portfolio optimization by means of meta-resampled efficient frontiers
US7555453 RBC Capital Markets Corporation Reallocation
US7472084 Gravity Investments LLC Method and apparatus for creating and managing a visual representation of a portfolio and determining an efficient allocation
US7412414 Michaud Partners LLP Portfolio rebalancing by means of resampled efficient frontiers with forecast confidence level
US7340425 First Trust Portfolios L.P. Method for generating a portfolio of stocks
US7272578 The Prudential Insurance Company of America Method and system for creating a portfolio of stock equities based on market capitalization and sales
US7206760 First Trust Portfolios L.P. Method of selecting securities for a portfolio
US6920432 Nike Securities L.P. Techniques of selecting securities for a portfolio using buyback ratio and dividend yield
US6839685 Prudential Insurance Company of America Method and system for creating a portfolio of stock equities
US6317726 Netfolio Inc. Automated strategies for investment management
US6175824 CHI Research Inc. Method and apparatus for choosing a stock portfolio based on patent indicators
US5761442 Enhanced Investment Technologies Inc. Predictive neural network means and method for selecting a portfolio of securities wherein each network has been trained using data relating to a corresponding security
US7401041 University of Columbia Systems and methods for providing robust investment portfolios
US7593878 Standard & Poor S Financial Method of constructing an investment portfolio and computing an index thereof
US6839685 Prudential Insurance Company Method and system for creating a portfolio of stock equities
US5978778 O'Shaughnessy; James P Automated strategies for investment management
PCT/SG2010/000141 Invention Capital LLP Quantitative Dividends
SG184108 Invention Capital LLP Event-Driven Hedge Fund Method and System
US20090157564 John Cross System and Method for Selecting Securities for Investment
US20090070274 Hartford Fire Insurance Method and system for identification and analysis of investment assets
US20080270317 Dan Waldron, David McGarel, Robert Hensley, Chris Peterson Methods and Computer Software Applications for Selecting Securities for An Investment Portfolio
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Dow Joness'


Baring Emerging Markets



Country Basket






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Forecast: SGD/USD, GBP/USD 

Statistics and Info from

S&P 500

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Russell 2000

Fool 50: Q42001Rpt, Full list

Wilshire 5000

Other indexes

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Thomson Invest Insider Buying Index: Large | Med | Small

MSN Money: Top Insider Trading (weekly)

 Predictive Insider Trading (

Edgar Online: Insider Trading Past 3 mths


Neural Network Based: |

Technical Analysis: | S&P500

SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) Filings

Filings @ (All in 1 page, good)

Free EDGAR (SEC Filings, page by page)

10K Wizard - paid

Annual Reports

  Investments Newsletters

Insiders Insights

Fred Goodman MarketMonograph

Gloom Boom Doom

The Chart Store

Stock Splits

Theory: Basic | E-Analytics | | Rightline | Directories

Calendar:, alt


Tutorials/Lectures: Marketwise, Wikipedia, Investopedia

Option Dictionary: CBOE, Marketwise, Yahoo

Option Quotes

Types of Options @ Global Derivatives (Huge collection)

Options Industry Council: Lectures

Fundamental Concepts @ Quantnotes

Options Clearing Corporation


Yahoo Finance (free, High participation rate) (members only)

Interest Rates

SIBOR: SG Domestic Interest Rates Database | 3m-SIBOR chart

U.S. Treasuries Government Bonds Yields: 3/6/12m, 2/3/5/7/10/30

Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Calendar


Theory: Datek SMU, Investopedia | 2 | 3, Morningstar, Wallstreetcourier

Short Interest Stocks Screener (Trading Ideas)

Index Funds

S&P / Barra Indexes

Fed & Rates

Fed Reserve Board General Press Release, menu

Federal Open Market Committee Minutes

Article: How the Fed Affects the Economy

Rate cuts vs Nasdaq/S&P 500

US Market related Statistics

Economic Calender: One | Two

Economic Monitor

Employment Situation

Productivity and Costs

The Economy: Ten Indicators, Reading economic tea leaves: Unemployment Rate, Number of new jobs, Help-wanted Index, Consumer Confidence, Expectations Index, Advance retail sales, Purchasing Managers' Index, Industrial Production Index, Capacity Utilization Index, Consumer prices 


Dictionary of Investment Terms (Investment Glossary)

SEC Filing Types | 144 Filing



Economy Specific Stock/Commodity

Gold Futures (COMEX)

Crude Oil (NYMEX)

Spot Prices of Brent / WTI / etc Historical Prices (available in XLS)


International Federation of Technical Analysts: All, US, SG


Program (Get free 3 Value Stocks report per day)


 Investors/RT (Plentiful of useful TA indicators)

 Stock Analyzer (free and cover lots of countries, including US, AU & SG) (V. Good Free Software)

 Wall Street Analyzer v1.23 (Free)


 MetaStock Online

etc (interpretations) Follow the Smart Money (from Institutional Investors) Stock market analysis tools + Forecasting and risk management systems (Cool) (Investment Trading Club)

Details on Money funds for Retail/Broker (eg. Ameritrade Total Asset Plan)

Related Stocks in an Industry (

HotStix Weekly Commentary

 Bonds Quotes/Prices/Yields

 Earnings Results & History

 CBOE Volatility Index (Extreme High is Extreme Bearish)

 Rabbitt Analytics (Interesting Q-Rank System: 9 fundamental & technical model in one)

 Technical Analysis Web Directory ( (with Fibonacci Calculator)

 First Call Commentary

 eSignal (Software) (Stocks picking portal: Prices/Sales; Growth; Contrarian)

 List of Stock Screens (20)

 Stock Werld Potporri of Information

Commitment of Traders Report

Turtle Trader (Interesting and Useful)

Market Topology (Interesting)

Linda Raschke's Chart Page

IPO Lockup Primer

Fool 50 Companies (interesting)

Buy and Hold (US Residents Only)

Fortune 500 Best Companies to Work For

eBooks and Reading Room

 Technical Analysis from A to Z (pdf, 4.3mb) by Steve Achelis 

 Technical Analysis Lectures (pdf, 4.5mb) (From

 Technical Analysis (

 Technical Analysis from

 The Art of Day-Trading

 Phantom of the Pit

 The Master Swing Trader (snippets)
7 Bells
| Trading Tactics | Trading Masters

 The Trader's Glossary of technical terms and topics

Investor's Glossary A-Z (MSN)

 One page concise A-Z Glossary

 Trading Ideas Compilation of TA

 Technology Analysis for the Professional Trader Part II (web video): Part 1 | Part 2

Reading Room

 Incredible Charts (Extensive Tutorials + Free Amazing Software - AU Stocks for now)

 Point and Figure Chart Theory:, Stockinfo2000, Archer Lectures: Technical Analysis | Financial Analysis

 Charts and Tutorials Bookmarks

 Free Education on Technical Charting (Good)

  5-Day Arms Index (Tutorial)

 Investments FAQs

 Market Makers A-Z

 Perils and Joys of Option Trading: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


 Comprehensive Technical Analysis Tutorials (from

 Fundamental Analysis (from

 Trading 101

 Pristine Tutorials

 The Basics of Fundamental Analysis

 TraderTalk Technical Tutorials

 On-Line Texts: Investing Resources

 Interpreting Technical Indicators


 NASD Manual

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